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Investing in Mauritius to save tax

Without even mentioning becoming a tax resident, the agreements between France and Mauritius on the avoidance of double taxation allow :

to invest in real estate without this acquisition being included in the basis of calculation of the IFI. And if the investment is made with funds from the resale of a property in France, it immediately becomes a tax saving (out of the IFI calculation base, no property tax, no housing tax)
realise capital gains which are not taxed either in Mauritius or in France;
to declare rental income with a tax cap of 15%.

No wonder 84% of property purchases were made by French people in 2022!

CARACTERE Paris - Mauritius, present in France and in Mauritius, assists investors in their real estate acquisition project on the island to offer them the right product adapted to their asset situation and their tastes.

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